Cheryl Dunlop Molin: Author, Editor, Photographer

About Cheryl

Cheryl Dunlop Molin is a Christian, a wife and stepmom, a sister and an aunt (and grand-aunt), a friend, an author, an editor, and a photographer. The biggest privilege of freelance work is that people can come first, whether that's cooking for her family, visiting a church member recovering from surgery, or talking on the phone to a hurting friend.

She is author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to the World of Narnia (October 2007; written with James S. Bell Jr.) and Follow Me as I Follow Christ (Moody 2000; French edition 2003), as well as books that are in process and seeking publication. For more information, see My Books.”

She has been a freelance editor since 2003, after ten years as an editor at Moody Publishers--more than twenty years combined! (No, Moody didn’t kick her out--she went freelance to move down South and be closer to family, and still edits for Moody on a freelance basis. Since then she has married, changed her name, and moved back to the Midwest.) She edits for CBA publishers and for individuals. Whether you wish to self-publish or have your book be the best it can be before you send it to an agent, a professional edit can help you. For information on books she has edited, go here. If you are an individual seeking an editor, check out the 

Editing FAQs” page.

After decades of taking photos "for fun," Cheryl has put some of her work out for public view. Check out her nature photos at

Her photos include birds, butterflies, other creatures, and wildflowers--and even some funny pictures.

Cheryl enjoys public speaking, and would gladly speak for your group. She has taught on the college level, adjunct, two sessions of English Composition and one of Writing for Children (second half of the semester, after the assigned professor had completed the half on Writing for Teenagers--she was quite glad to miss having to teach that half of the course). She has taught sessions at the Chicagoland Tri-state Church Ministries Convention; been interviewed on various radio shows, including Midday Connection (MBN); led weekend sessions for small groups of teachers; as well as presenting devotionals for various groups through the years. For more information, see the “Speaking” page, or e-mail Cheryl for a resume.


Cheryl’s parents met and married in Nigeria, West Africa. She herself has never been there.

Cheryl's maternal grandfather was born 99 years to the month before she was; his father was a spy for the confederacy in the War Between the States.

Cheryl has lived in three of America’s largest cities: Phoenix, Chicago, and Nashville. Hottest weather experienced: 122. Coldest:-65 windchill.

Cheryl has known since she was about 7 that she wanted to be a writer, since she was 14 that she wanted to be an editor, since she was 10 that she wanted to own at least one collie . . .

One of the biggest joys of Cheryl’s life (outside her relationship with Christ and her husband) is having friends of all generations and nearly every decade of life.

Cheryl has never taken a photography class, but she loves to take pictures of God’s creation.

Cheryl has never stopped reading children’s books, and has no plans to stop in the near future.