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My books span several genres and styles.

Recently I have put together the beginnings of a series that I hope to publish, that currently is available in a self-published format, with copies available through the link below. The series for children, "Wonders of God's World," has paperback books of about 50 pages each, filled with photos and interesting facts--from a viewpoint of creation and not evolution. The first two, woodpeckers and butterflies, are available now. Here are the links, which will need to be copied and pasted since this site doesn't allow links to anything outside their site:




Also check out my nature photos at

Following are my previously published books:


Complete Idiot's Guide to the World of Narnia (co-authored with James S. Bell Jr., October 2007)--a fun look at C. S. Lewis, Narnia, Aslan, fairy tales, each of the seven books in the Narnia series, and more. Includes art, two-color printing throughout, humor and trivia, and also available in a Books on Tape version (read by Chris Fabry).

Follow Me as I Follow Christ (Moody, 2000)--a book for Christian teachers of children. Fifty-two short chapters followed by brief, practical questions. Ideal for use in teacher training. I can speak to your group for one or more sessions; see "speaking" for more.


Chosen Friends (not yet published)--a look at the privileges and responsibilities of friendship between generations of women and girls in the church. How can we follow the biblical mandate for older women to teach the younger unless we know each other? Explores mentoring; friendship with children, teens, older women, and women who are different from us; relational sins; dealing with loss; and much more. Party ideas and friendship tips. I will gladly speak to your group, large or small, on subjects covered here.


Nicole and Her Shadow (not yet published)--a series for girls seven to ten (OK, seven to seventy) starring a young girl, Nicole, and her furry friend Shadow, a Shetland Sheepdog puppy. Two books written so far; the number in the series will depend on publisher and reader interest. Check out the website just for kids at!

A book on biblical hospitality also in progress, co-authored with Manny Mill of Wheaton, Illinois's Koinonia House (a post-prison ministry).


Also, I didn't write this next volume, but did a lot of writing for it: The New Women's Devotional Bible, a Gold Medallion finalist in summer 2006. I selected key verses and passages on which other writers wrote devotionals, and I wrote several devotions and 30 book introductions.