Cheryl Dunlop Molin: Author, Editor, Photographer

Overview of Editing and Critiquing for Individuals

So, you have written a book and you’re looking for an editor. Or perhaps you want to know if your book is good, or learn how to improve your writing skills. Here is some basic information on editing and critiquing services I offer to individuals. Let’s start with some prices, and then we’ll have a list of frequently asked questions.



Critiques (double-spaced pages, one-inch margins and 12-point type):  

$135 30 pages, nonfiction  

$180 50 pages, nonfiction  

$2.60 per page fiction (minimum $100)  

$160 proposal (up to 40 pages of material, including sample chapters; $2.50 per additional page)

Children’s fiction OK, no picture books or poetry  

Editing and Writing:  

Please e-mail for prices. I will give you a free, no obligation price quote (not just an estimate) along with a summary of the process and what I can do for you in editing. I will also answer any questions you have about the process.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Note: Some links aren't working well. Here is the complete list of questions.

How can an editor help me?


Is it better to get editing done on computer or on hard copy?


What is the difference between a critique and an edit? How do I know which I need?


I see that you’ve listed prices for critiques but not for editing. Why is that? How much do you charge?


What is the difference between a substantive edit and a copy edit?


What kinds of comments will you make if I send you a book to critique?


Why do you list prices for only part of a book, when it comes to critiquing nonfiction? I’d like you to critique my whole book.


Why does nonfiction cost a little more than fiction?


What do you change when you edit a book?


What kind of editing experience do you have?


What kinds of books do you turn down?


You’ve done editing or critiquing for me before, and I like your work. My book has just been accepted by a publisher, and I’m wondering if you edit for that publisher.


Are you willing to work with me to write a book I’m writing?


How long will you take to edit or critique my book or story?


How do I send you a manuscript to critique or edit?


I see that you edit book proposals. What does that involve?


Will you suggest a publisher for my book or write notes to a publisher for me?


What is the most important thing you can do for me, if I ask you to critique or edit my book?

I can see things that you can’t see because you’re too close to the material. I can see where you have forgotten to mention important information, have assumed the reader knows material he may not know, or have expressed something unclearly. I can see where you’ve repeated yourself, and can correct errors of grammar and look for factual errors. I cannot guarantee publication, and cannot guarantee that I’ll catch every error in your manuscript. But I can improve your manuscript and I can work with you to improve your writing. Contact me if this sounds good.

Please e-mail me at if links don't work for you, or see link above, right under "Frequently Asked Questions."